Army-Navy Game: Cleansing the Palate

If the Army-Navy game is one of your favorites each year, sign here. For color, pageantry, hard-won respect and zero B.S., I’m pleased this game gets center stage each year.

Compare this contest with the pro wrestling we too often see disguised as football. Army-Navy is like brushing your teeth after a camping trip – a fresh, clean taste.

Reminds me of the Arkansas-Texas game in 1969. With the national title at stake, the two teams collided, viciously, on every play, then without woofing or theatrics, helped each other off the deck. Rarely see that today.

In 1969, Texas QB James Street somehow eluded Arkansas’ Bruce James
Bobby Burnett was a Razorback stalwart

Instead, our eyeballs are assaulted by mind-numbing replays of clowns, mugging for the camera. My next book “Beyond The Big Shootout — 50 Years of Football’s Life Lessons,” covers these changes in the game and shifts in American culture.

I neither candy-coat the past, nor coddle. It is telling that Razorbacks and Longhorns have overcome their rivalry to realize, they are more alike than different. Actually, they have become friends.

This 50-year journey is chronicled in detail, as told by those who traveled the path. Book comes out in early 2019. Stand by for details.

Mark S. McDonald

Mark S. McDonald

Longtime newspaper hack, who began publishing his own books about 15 years ago and now manages Dust Devil Publishing team to build books for selected clients ... Product of football factories in Spring Branch (Houston) and Midland ... started two years in the O-line at UTEP ... earned a journalism degree then ran the newspaper gauntlet for 28 years. Survived starvation in newsrooms in El Paso, Abilene, Dallas and San Antonio. Lived to tell the sordid tales.

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