Bama vs. Clemson: Not First of a Kind

ABC Sports college football

In their hustle to fill air time, radio and TV pundits have covered every possible angle in the run-up to the Clemson-Alabama game for the NCAA football championship.  Is America suffering from Tiger-Tide fatigue? Which team will blink? Will Nick Saban actually smile? This much we know: Santa Clara, Calif. is not exactly the crossroads […]

Classy Coaches: When Less Was More

college coach nuts on sideline

You saw it. I saw it. We all did. Utah’s imposing head football coach Kyle Winingham dogged officials as he left the field after during his team’s 10-3 loss against Washington in the Pac-12 Championship Game on Friday.  “What!” Winingham demanded, his arms spread wide. “How could you miss that!” It was not a question. Shouted […]

Strong Men, Backed by Strong Women

Mack Brown former Texas Coach now at North Carolina

Mack Brown accepted the North Carolina head football job earlier this week, only after consulting his wife, Sally. “She agreed to go with me to coach at three places — Hawaii, the Bahamas or Chapel Hill.”  Having seen Mack on Nov. 12 at the Little Rock (Ark.) Touchdown Club luncheon to honor local high school […]